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3 Diseases That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Trees February 9, 2018

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3 Diseases That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Trees, Clinton, Michigan

When it comes to proper lawn maintenance, the trees in your yard deserve just as much attention as the grass, shrubs, and flowers. According to the tree removal specialists at J & J Tree Trimming in Clinton, MI, there are a few diseases every property owner should know about. Familiarize with the symptoms of the following examples to protect your foliage. 

Tree Removal Experts Share 3 Diseases You Should Know

1. Beech Bark Disease

tree removalThe trunk and branches of a healthy beech tree should have a smooth texture and gray pigment. If the bark is coated with a white, waxy substance, there’s a problem. A white scale insect has chosen the tree as a host. The white fluid they secrete contains fungus that works its way into the bark. Animals can spread the disease easily, so enlist a tree care professional for help. To avoid tree removal, they will provide recommendations to contain and treat the illness. 

2. Thousand Cankers Disease

Although thousand cankers disease has yet to become a major threat to trees in the state, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is taking precautions to keep infectious nursery trees from other regions out of the state. The disease attacks black walnut trees when twig beetles leave geosmithia morbida fungus spores on the bark. Inspect the plants if you have them on your property. People typically see signs of trouble in summer, including dying branches and withering leaves.    

3. Oak Wilt

If you have oak trees, oak wilt can turn leaves brown and make them lose their luster. The fungus often attacks trees in Michigan, moving from plant to plant undetected through connections in their underground root systems. Sap beetles also carry the disease and infect trees when burrowing into the bark. The fungus is active from the beginning of April through mid-June. Avoid tree pruning during this time to stop the disease from spreading.  

If you suspect the trees on your property are sick, the professionals at J & J Tree Trimming will do everything possible to restore the health of your plants. To schedule a tree removal or maintenance appointment in Lenawee County, call (517) 358-7874 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online to discover the many ways they will care for your foliage.

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