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Why Referrals Are Some of a Company’s Most Valuable Customers January 31, 2018

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Why Referrals Are Some of a Company’s Most Valuable Customers, Strongsville, Ohio

We’ve all seen them—the promotions from companies offering a discount or a gift card for referrals.  Every referral you give, you GET a gift card, a discount, or some sort of gift.  Have you ever wondered why companies are willing to give YOU a gift just for talking about how awesome they are?


It’s because referrals are incredibly valuable to a company.  While any good company considers all customers to be equal and values them all the same, all companies know just how valuable referrals are to their business and know that referrals are very important (some companies get all their business just from word of mouth!).


Referrals are so important to a company for a number of reasons:

  • People want recommendations from their friends.  Yelp! and other review websites are great, but nothing is better than some friends who have used a company and absolutely loved them!  After all, you know your friends have good taste and want the best for you!
  • A referred customer is usually a loyal customer.  Because they got a referral from a friend, they come in already trusting you and expecting good work.  Some customers who come in just from finding you on the Internet or walking in off the street might have a small amount of hesitation or distrust, causing there to be an initial barrier when beginning business.  This barrier doesn’t usually exist with referrals, which makes everything very smooth!
  • Referred customers are usually a good fit!  If a customer has been referred to your company, it’s probably because their friends or family members have used your services and think you’d be a perfect fit for them!  This helps because they usually come in knowing exactly what they’re looking for and know that you’re the company they want!  No pitching necessary!


If you’re a customer of a company and have had a great experience, make sure you spread the word!  You’re sending the company awesome new customers and helping them build a business full of loyal customers!


Brittany Ferrara, Owner of Pro-Assist, LLC 

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