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A Brief Guide to Plastic Injection Molding February 8, 2018

La Presa, San Diego
A Brief Guide to Plastic Injection Molding, San Diego, California

If you need to create a specific part to fit into a product you’re designing, you’ll likely choose plastic injection molding. As one of the most widespread types of manufacturing performed today, this unique process employs the use of a mold, which is pumped with plastic. When heated, the plastic melts to form the desired shape. While the approach is effective, there are still a few factors you should know in advance.

What Are the First Steps of the Process?

First, consider the application of the product: how will it be used and where? Medical settings, for example, may warrant special planning to ensure it is safe for its intended use. You’ll also need to consider the product’s lifespan and perform a financial analysis to check the cost-per-unit fits your budget. Working with an experienced team of professionals, such as legal consultants and engineers, helps to protect your assets and secure a strong design. The manufacturer’s engineering team will also look over your specs as part of their approval process.

How Can I Ensure a High-Quality End Product?

plastic injection molding Bonita CAA trusted manufacturer will always provide parts according to your specifications. However, to ensure the components meet your expectations, invest some extra time in your design. For instance, check that you’re supplying the manufacturing company with a high-quality, error-free CAD drawing. It’s also wise to enlist a plastic injection molding company that specializes in your application to ensure they can support your unique needs. Lastly, take the time to inspect the first articles very closely to verify they match the specifications you’ve indicated. 


If you’re seeking high-quality plastic injection molding for your production needs, contact Pacific Integrated Manufacturing in Bonita, CA. Their facility specializes in health care and life science, and with 15 years of experience, they can efficiently see your next product design into fruition. Discuss your needs with one of their specialists by calling (760) 822-3341, or visit their website for additional information on the process and how they can assist. 

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