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5 Best Garden Vegetables to Grow in the Winter February 8, 2018

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5 Best Garden Vegetables to Grow in the Winter, Ragland, Alabama

Many gardeners are enthusiastic about planting and harvesting their crops during the warmer months. But once the weather turns cold, it’s easy to be stumped about what to do with your garden. Just cover it with mulch from the farm supply store and wait until spring? That’s one option, but you could also make your garden work for you all winter long! Read on to learn about the five best cold-weather vegetables.

A Guide to Cold-Weather Garden Vegetables

1. Hardy Greens

Winter is the best season for hardy greens, which mature moderately quickly in a little over two months. Kale, collard greens, mustard greens, and chard all grow well in cold weather. And since they all need to be cooked, they’re perfect for winter soups and braises. 

2. Endives

An unusual vegetable to grow, endives are ready quickly and are delicious raw. You’ll want to make sure your soil is loose and well-treated with fertilizer before planting endive. When grown in cold weather outdoors, endives are tender, sweet salad vegetables. 

3. Beets

Beets take a while to grow, but if you buy good seeds from your farm supply store, the wait is worth it. They’re hardy, delicious, and you can eat their greens as well as the beets themselves. Try them in tangy salads or even in French-style baked tarts. 

4. Onions

Farm Supply StoreOnions are a kitchen staple that most cooks use year-round. If you grow some yourself, you can try some varieties that aren’t available at the local grocery store. Onions grow easily and resist cold very well. 

5. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a fun vegetable to grow, sprouting up on long stalks over a period of three to four months. They look attractive in your garden and can be eaten in raw shaved salads, fried, or sauteed with bacon or butter. Pick up a pair of gardening gloves at your local farm supply store and pick them off the plant for preparation later. 


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