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Should My Diet Be Restricted If I’m on Chemotherapy? February 8, 2018

Ville Platte, Evangeline
Should My Diet Be Restricted If I’m on Chemotherapy?, Ville Platte, Louisiana

While chemotherapy is effective at killing cancer cells, it can also cause the immune system to be compromised. This can lead to a higher risk of illness and infection, which is why many chemotherapy patients opt for a specialized diet in order to avoid problematic foods. But is this course of action truly effective? In Mamou, LA, Savoy Medical Center can answer questions regarding chemotherapy and numerous other treatments. They can also provide guidance on the best diet for cancer patients, which is one that promotes overall health and wellness.

Dietary Guidelines for People on Chemotherapy

A Well-Balanced Diet Is Recommended

A nutritious diet is usually the body’s best defense, and this is also true for people undergoing chemotherapy. A well-rounded diet is key in this regard, which should include fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, dairy, and whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa. Staying hydrated is also important, which entails drinking plenty of water and fruit juices for sustenance. If you’re having issues eating enough during treatment, smoothies are a good option, as they can be packed full of nutrition. 

Certain Foods Should Be Avoided

chemotherapySome foods have a higher risk of housing harmful bacteria, and can be dangerous to chemotherapy patients as a result. If you’re concerned about illness, you can avoid foods like rare meat, yogurt, certain preparations of fish, and even restaurant salad bars, which can sometimes contain bacteria. You can also take precautions while preparing foods by always washing your hands and ensuring meat and dairy are cooked to the proper temperature.

Diet Helps Mitigate Side Effects

Along with providing nutrition, your diet can also help mitigate side effects associated with chemotherapy. High-fiber foods are recommended for constipation, while oatmeal and white rice work well for diarrhea. If nausea is an issue, bland foods are encouraged, such as chicken noodle soup and scrambled eggs. Additionally, if you feel nauseated as a result of treatment, adding ginger to recipes can soothe upset stomach.

As a trusted Louisiana oncology clinic, Savoy Medical Center supports local patients in the fight against cancer. You can learn more about the complete listing of health services, including behavioral health and rehabilitation, by visiting the website today. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call (337) 468-5261.

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