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How Custom Golf Club Fittings Improve Your Game February 8, 2018

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How Custom Golf Club Fittings Improve Your Game, Manhattan, New York

If you’ve ever played golf, you likely understand how important having the right clubs can be to your game. However, you may not be familiar with custom golf club fittings and how they can positively impact your swing. The professionals at New York Golf Center in New York, NY, are experts on all aspects of this sport and offer an extensive selection of the top industry products. Additionally, this center provides custom golf club fittings, which can be crucial to your game for various reasons.

Evaluate Your Shaft Flex

custom golf club fittingsThe shaft of the golf club is responsible for bearing some of the swing load and flexing at the right times. During custom golf club fittings, the shafts will be evaluated for their flex level. Most shafts come in five different flex levels, including extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior, and ladies. Most professionals agree, the faster your swing, the stiffer the shaft you will need. If the shaft flex doesn’t match your swing, you’re more likely to lose energy during the transfer.

Consider Shaft Weight

Another important factor considered during custom golf club fittings is determining the right shaft weight for your clubs. The shaft weight impacts how well you can consistently strike the ball and the smoothness of your swing. If you have a smoother swing, you can get by with a lighter shaft; however, if your swing is more aggressive, a heavy shaft should be selected to smooth it.

Assess Clubhead Design

The clubhead is largely responsible for the direction and performance of the ball flight after it’s hit. Clubheads can have a wide sole, a larger blade or more loft, and should be personalized to work with your swing.

You don’t have to be a professional golfer to benefit from a custom golf club fitting. Call (212) 564-0078 or stop by the New York Golf Center to have your swing and equipment evaluated by a professional. If you’re looking to improve your golf game, but aren’t sure where to start, speak with the staff to help you get the swing you always wanted. More information on products and services offered can be found on the website.

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