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3 Reasons to Keep Your Business' Parking Lot Clean February 8, 2018

Cedar Hills - Cedar Mill North, Beaverton-Hillsboro
3 Reasons to Keep Your Business' Parking Lot Clean, Beaverton-Hillsboro, Oregon

Business owners spend a lot of time and money on office cleaning, making their buildings welcoming to employees to potential customers. But what about the parking lot? This portion of your property often gets overlooked but should be included as part of a commercial cleaning service. Below are a few reasons keeping the space tidy will benefit your company. 

Why Business Parking Lots Should Be Clean

1. Protect Your Reputation

Just like the entrance to your building, the parking lot makes an impression on potential customers. It is often the first part of your property they see. Stepping out of the car into a puddle of oil or a pile of crumpled fast food trash doesn’t make the best impression and can negatively impact your business’ reputation. That’s why you should include the parking lot in your regular commercial cleaning services. 

2. Keep Everyone Safe

A dirty parking lot can pose risks to employees and customers alike. Oil, food, and even buildup from storms and snow can pose slip-and-fall hazards, which may result in legal action against your business. Plus, you want your employees to arrive at work safe, happy, and ready to perform. Keep the parking lot clear of anything that can be slipped on or tripped over to avoid these problems. 

3. Discourage Bad Behavior

Commercial Cleaning ServicesThe state of your parking lot sets the precedent for how it will be treated by everyone who parks in or walks through it. If there is litter and other detritus on the ground, people may feel more free to add their own to the pile. If your parking area is kept clean, litter is much less likely to become a problem. Talk to your commercial cleaning services about adding trash pick-up and street sweeping to your regimen. 


CBM Systems- a Marsden Company in Beaverton, OR, has provided commercial cleaning services to the community since 1952. They pride themselves on being a part of one of the world’s largest and most respected cleaning companies. Visit their website to learn about why Marsden is a great choice, and call (503) 520-1660 to schedule services for your business. 

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