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Auto Maintenance Experts Explain the Meaning of 3 Dashboard Lights February 7, 2018

East Franklin, Armstrong
Auto Maintenance Experts Explain the Meaning of 3 Dashboard Lights, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

Having an emergency dashboard light come on while you’re driving is alarming— especially when you’re not sure what the light means. As the auto maintenance team at Arizona Auto Repair & Towing in Adrian, PA, explains, understanding your dashboard will help you address necessary repairs and keep your car working properly. Below is an explanation for several lights that may turn on. 

3 Auto Maintenance Dashboard Lights & Their Meanings 

1. Tire Pressure Warning

One of the lights you’re most likely to see is the tire pressure warning light. This yellow symbol features an exclamation point surrounded by what looks like a sideways letter “c.” This isn’t a cause for alarm. Instead, it means that one or more of your tires needs some extra air.

2. Engine Temperature Warning

auto maintenanceIf a red thermometer with wavy lines underneath it appears on your dashboard, you’ll need to stop the car as soon as possible. The engine temperature warning light means your engine is overheating, which can lead to severe maintenance problems. Pull over and call a tow truck. This problem is often connected with engine oil issues, which have their own dashboard light; a red lamp with a single drip mark.

3. Check Engine Light

Perhaps the most feared of all dashboard lights, the check engine light is yellow or red and vaguely resembles a submarine. The word “check” may also be illuminated beneath this symbol. Because a check engine light can indicate anything from a malfunctioning oxygen sensor to worn spark plugs, it’s best to have your vehicle diagnosed by a professional mechanic. 

Whether you need brake service or someone to investigate the cause of a lit check engine light, you can depend on Arizona Auto Repair & Towing to do the repairs you need. With over 40 years of experience, they’ll help you understand how to take care of your vehicle. To learn more about their auto maintenance services, contact them online or call (724) 868-2886.

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