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Why Teeth Change Color & How Your Dentist Can Help February 8, 2018

Jack Jouett, Albemarle
Why Teeth Change Color & How Your Dentist Can Help, Jack Jouett, Virginia

If your smile doesn’t seem as bright white as it used to be, it might not be your imagination. Teeth can become darker and discolored over the years, which is why meeting with your dentist regularly is so important. Here is more information about why teeth shift shades, and what you can do about the problem. 

Understanding Dingy Smiles

Why Do Teeth Change Color? 

dentistDental enamel is porous, allowing your teeth to absorb small amounts of pigment from the foods you eat and the things that you drink. A long list of other factors can also contribute to dental staining, including decay, oral injuries, medications, genetics, and general aging. Extrinsic dental stains are superficial discolorations that can be caused by plaque, tartar, and food dyes, while intrinsic stains are typically caused by dental issues during childhood.

What Can You Do About It? 

Fortunately, dentists can help with both kinds of stains using a wide variety of different methods. In addition to using procedures, like deep cleaning, to remove surface stains, dentists can also apply enamel-safe whitening agents to the teeth, lightening stains and making the teeth appear brighter. If your teeth are discolored due to intrinsic staining, cosmetic procedures, like dental veneers and crowns, can help to transform your smile. 


If you are concerned about the color of your smile, visit with Mark C Young, DDS in Charlottesville, VA, today. With state-of-the-art lightening procedures such as ZOOM® Whitening, you can enjoy teeth that are as much as eight shades lighter in a single visit. Dr. Young can also help patients to address aesthetic concerns stemming from previous dental problems and congenital defects, helping you to live a more confident life. To make an appointment, send them a quick note online or call (434) 979-1365. You can also like the dentist on Facebook for the latest tips and events.

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