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The Highest-Value Home Improvement Projects in 2018 February 12, 2018

East Mountian, Waterbury
The Highest-Value Home Improvement Projects in 2018, Waterbury, Connecticut

Think of home improvement projects like investments: the right one can add more value to your home than it cost. On the whole, home prices increase when highly-used areas of the home are improved. Focus on your kitchen and bathrooms for the best results.  

The Optimal Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens get the most mileage out of their “wow” factor—you want a buyer to walk in and be taken with what they see. That’s why style upgrades can pull more weight than new appliances. One Zillow Talk analysis found that updating to subway tile increased one home’s sale value a whopping seven percent. This sleek look costs $2-$10 per square foot, giving it a massive ROI.

Similarly, a local home improvement contractor can often install a farmhouse sink for under $700, which can increase your home’s sale price 8%.

That’s not to say upgrading appliances isn’t worth it. The return depends on the specific replacement, but a modern, energy-efficient kitchen is sure to catch a buyer’s eye.

The Optimal Bathroom Remodel

LHome Improvementike with kitchens, having a local home improvement contractor modernize your bathrooms’ look can go a long way. A small bathroom remodel isn’t complete without the addition of a stand-in shower. According to HGTV, buyers now prefer them to bathtubs, making them a better use of limited space.

The Zillow Talk review found one home that might’ve sold 9.6% higher for its stylish shaker cabinets. Depending on their size and material, installing bathroom shaker cabinets can run you between $200 and $1,500—a reasonable price for a timeless look and high value.

Finish off your bathrooms with granite or quartz counters. For a small bathroom remodel, the effect is undeniable. Compact spaces bring out each detail.

High-return home improvement is a matter of the buyer’s perspective. Homes that leave an impression fetch higher prices. Target your projects carefully and watch buyers line up.


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