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3 Facts You Should Know About Termites February 9, 2018

Henderson, Knox
3 Facts You Should Know About Termites, Henderson, Illinois

Many residents have some knowledge of termites but the details can get a little fuzzy. How do they get in? Is It possible to find signs of an invasion? With some context from Monmouth Termite & Pest Control, a respected pest control company in Galesburg, IL, you can quickly get up to speed on how to defend your home from these troublesome critters. 

A Homeowner’s Guide to Termites

1. Why Should You Worry?

Once a termite colony takes up residence in your home, they can cause immense structural issues–everything from eating away complete wooden beams to chewing parts of the foundation. The cost to repair those problems is often significant since major parts of your home may have to be rebuilt. To avoid this situation, it’s best to be diligent about termite control.  

2. How Can You Detect Their Presence?

One way to spot a termite colony is if you notice accumulations of wings. After the insects begin a new nest, they discard their wings, so you may see them near the borders of your house. Another classic sign is if your wood walls are unexpectedly hollow–that means that termites have been chewing behind the barrier. It’s also worth walking around the perimeter of your home once in a while to check for mud tunnels, which is how termites prefer to enter your property. 

3. What Are the Best Prevention Strategies?

termitesThe first and most important preventative measure is to inspect the exterior of your home for any wood remnants or stacks of firewood. These items can attract termites in droves and create a bridge to your house. It’s also vital to assess for any cracks or ruptures where the insects could gain access. Using caulk or patching, seal off all of these avenues. Finally, take a look to see if your gutters are working effectively. Termites love moisture so you don’t want water pooling near your house. 

If you have any reason to suspect there may be termites in your home, reach out to Monmouth Termite & Pest Control immediately. The faster you act, the better chance you’ll have of rooting the insects out with minimal damage. To get in touch, just call (309) 344-7850. For more information about the exterminator, visit their website

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