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3 Corporate Sustainability Trends to Know About  February 8, 2018

Southwestern Hills, Des Moines
3 Corporate Sustainability Trends to Know About , Des Moines, Iowa

As the society-wide sustainability movement has continued to grow, it has drawn an increasing amount of attention in the corporate world. Everything from efficient HVAC systems to green cleaning practices is in play. A company’s sustainability practices are now affecting not only their bottom line in terms of savings, but also how a discerning public views them. Here are three key sustainability trends happening now in the corporate world so you can be a part of the future. 

What’s New in Corporate Sustainability?

1. Consumers Are Demanding Results

green cleaningThrough social media and in-person conversations, consumers are stating their preferences for companies that demonstrate responsible and sustainable thinking. They pay attention when businesses opt for more sustainable practices, such as by enlisting green cleaning services. In an era when customers have more of a voice than ever, it is pivotal for companies to adjust and make progressive decisions.

2. Employees Play a Sizable Role

Conventional wisdom would have it that most change in terms of sustainable practices comes from the top. While high-level executives are the most powerful when it comes to creating change, it’s become clear that many mid-level and even entry-level employees are driving internal pushes for innovation and mindset shifts. Whether it’s making a recommendation to a superior or starting a committee, great ideas are being generated at all levels of companies.  

3. Measurement Tools Are Flourishing

It is no longer good enough to just promote yourself as a sustainable company. With the rise of questionnaires, assessments, and rankings, businesses are held accountable for how they’re doing relative to others in their industry. While it can be meaningful to make a speech or publish a blog post on the importance of sustainable practices, it is more necessary than ever for companies to display proof of their actions. For instance, announcing new low flow toilets or a shift to green cleaning practices can make a tangible impact on perception. 


In Des Moines, IA, companies that strive to be sustainable look to Marsden Building Maintenance for assistance. Offering everything from green cleaning to responsible commercial HVAC services, these professionals help businesses reach their sustainability goals. To discuss your needs, call (515) 245-4350. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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