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Top 3 Rolling Papers & Cigarette Tubes for Your Tobacco February 14, 2018

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Top 3 Rolling Papers & Cigarette Tubes for Your Tobacco, Palm Bay, Florida

Choosing to roll your own (RYO) smokes allows you to pick every aspect of what goes into them. This process allows you to utilize only organic and chemical-free products to help you limit your exposure to dangerous carcinogens. When rolling smokes, you can use rolling papers on their own, attach them to a filter, or pack prefabricated cigarette tubes. Take a look at the top three rolling products on the market, below.

Top 3 Rolling Papers & Cigarette Tubes for Your Tobacco

1. RAW Rolling Papers

RAW rolling papers are one of the most popular choices among RYO smokes fans. As the brand suggests, they utilize natural, unrefined hemp to create the paper. Such a manufacturing process results in organic rolling papers free of artificial dyes and flavors as well as chemical additives. They also burn rather quickly, which is perfect when you're on a tight schedule.

2. RAW Cigarette Tubes

cigarette tubesRAW also offers unrefined cigarette tubes that are free of chemicals and GMOs. They're also vegan-friendly. Since the rolling paper and filter are already fabricated, you don't have to put much effort into rolling your own smokes. Plus, you can still utilize chemical-free tobacco. When using cigarette tubes, it's best to use other smoking accessories, like a tube injector, to ensure a densely packed smoke.

3. Trip Rolling Papers

Trip rolling papers are another RYO favorite. While their transparency mimics that of plastic, they're actually paper. These clear papers are 100% natural as well as biodegradable, which is perfect for the eco-conscious smoker. The only downside of this option is that they're more slippery than regular rolling papers, so you may want to utilize a rolling machine for a quick turnaround.


If you're ready to RYO smokes, stop by Smokes 4 Less , for supplies. The smoke shop specializes in RYO smoke products including chemical-free tobacco, cigarette tubes, and rolling papers. These alternatives help you avoid dangerous chemicals as well as save you money compared to pre-rolled alternatives. Learn more about these products by visiting them online.

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