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3 Medical Marijuana Strains to Help With Anxiety February 7, 2018

Airway Heights, Spokane
3 Medical Marijuana Strains to Help With Anxiety, Airway Heights, Washington

As recreational and medical marijuana use becomes more widespread, more Americans are becoming curious about this leaf as an alternative to anti-anxiety medication—and science may just be on their side. Medical journal Psychopharmacology recently published a study that suggests regular cannabis use may make it easier to cope with anxiety. Researchers found that those who used cannabis daily or almost daily experienced a diminished reaction to high-stress situations.

If you are curious about how medical marijuana can help you manage anxiety, the first step is to choose the right strain. Toker Friendly in Airway Heights, MA, is the Spokane area’s trusted marijuana dispensary. Here, their experts share the three best strains to start with as you find the best fit for your anxiety symptoms.

3 Anxiety-Calming Marijuana Strains

1. Granddaddy Purple

When you need a strain that will help you relax your mind, you can’t go wrong with Granddaddy Purple. This famous indica is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, and is typically used to treat stress, pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. It has a complex grape and berry aroma, and delivers a fusion of euphoria and relaxation.

2. Jack Herer

medical marijuanaDon’t be surprised to see a sativa on the list! While these high-THC strains tend to have energizing cerebral effects, many anxiety suffers love the euphoria that Jack Herer provides. This bud provides the elevation of a sativa with the heavy resin production of an indica, delivering a hybrid that encourages levity, a clear awareness, and creativity.

3. Strawberry Cough

This might be one of the best cannabis strains for social anxiety. Strawberry Cough is another sativa that is both energizing and calming. It will keep you alert when socializing, while calming any thoughts that might be racing through your mind. 

For more recommendations on the best cannabis strains to help manage your anxiety, talk to the experts at Toker Friendly. This marijuana dispensary offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere alongside a wide selection of recreational and medical marijuana. Their staff will explain the effects of each bud to help you choose the best strain for your symptoms.  Head online to view their menu, or give them a call today at (509) 244-8728 for more information.

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