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A Brief Guide to Becoming an In-Home Nurse March 12, 2018

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A Brief Guide to Becoming an In-Home Nurse, Suffern, New York

The nursing field offers a variety of job opportunities, and working as an in-home nurse is a popular option. However, new, aspiring, and even established nurses don’t always know how to enter this career path, and our team at J & D Ultracare in Suffern, NY, want to help. We’re committed to helping nurses achieve their career goals, so read on if you’re interested in a home nursing career.

How to Become an In-Home Nurse

in-home nurseFirst, it’s important to understand what an in-home nurse is. Instead of a medical setting, you’ll be working with a patient, sometimes on a daily basis, in their home. This can be open-ended, long-term care or shorter contracted work for basic recoveries. Your duties may range from basic health care services a few hours each day to longer all-day visits to help patients with more serious medical conditions. Every patient is different, so you’ll need to be able to adapt if you take on several clients.

To begin a career as an in-home nurse, you can practice as either a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. You can achieve your registered nursing degree by earning a four-year bachelor of science in nursing, a diploma through a multi-year hospital program, or through an associate degree in nursing program. You’ll also need to earn a license through the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses which may require at least one year of training prior to your application. To earn your Licensed Practical Nursing credentials, you must complete a state-approved training, have an associate degree, and complete a state licensing exam.

Applying for Positions

Many in-home nurses find work through a home health care agency, so you’ll need to prepare your resume and connect with a local office. Agencies usually look for nurses with several years of experience as a registered nurse in a medical setting, so keep that in mind as you map out your career timeline. Once you’ve connected with an agency, however, they’ll direct you to clients in your area and provide the assistance you need to manage your own career as an in-home nurse.

We encourage nurses to explore the many career options available and provide the assistance needed to help them accomplish their goals. If you’re interested in becoming an in-home nurse, call (845) 357-4500 to speak with a member of our staff. Or, visit our website and Facebook to learn more about our services and to explore home care jobs.

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