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Know the Differences Between Oil- & Latex-Based Paint for Exterior & Interior Projects March 27, 2018

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Know the Differences Between Oil- & Latex-Based Paint for Exterior & Interior Projects, Bedford Hills, New York

Whether you’re working on an exterior or interior painting project, choosing the right type of paint for the job is crucial to getting a great-looking result. Understanding the differences between oil- and latex-based paints will help you select the one that’s right for your task. Here’s what to keep in mind when making the choice.

Oil-Based Paint

interior paintingOil-based paint has a number of advantages that make it well-suited for both exterior and interior painting projects. The paint typically goes on very smoothly and covers more of your working surface with one coat than other types. It also takes longer to dry, which may seem like a disadvantage but actually makes your project easier, as it gives you more time to work. Oil-based paint also reduces the tendency of two painted surfaces to stick to each other, also called blocking.

Oil-based paints do have a number of considerations that should be noted, however. The paint is more likely to experience discoloration and crack over time, and it may generate powerful fumes that can be dangerous if not handled properly. The cleanup chemicals necessary for oil-based paints, such as turpentine, require special care as well, making the process a bit more complicated.

Latex-Based Paint

Latex or acrylic paints, on the other hand, are actually water-based. This allows them to be cleaned up with just water instead of potentially harmful chemicals. Latex paints are also a bit more modern than oil-based, giving them a higher resistance to yellowing and cracking. Because of this increased flexibility and strength, latex paints are suitable for a wide range of exterior and interior painting projects. Siding, drywall, stucco, and more surfaces are all receptive to coats of latex paint.

When working with wood, however, latex paint is a little trickier. The paint causes the wood grain to swell a little bit, which can lead to inconsistencies and imperfections between coats. Because of this, it’s recommended that you sand down the surface between every layer to create the most even result possible.


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