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A Guide to Keeping Critters Away From Your Dumpster April 18, 2019

Ozark, Dale
A Guide to Keeping Critters Away From Your Dumpster, Ozark, Alabama

A dumpster rental near your commercial property offers a convenient place to dispose of trash. If not maintained properly, however, it can become home to unwanted critters of all kinds. There are several ways to keep pests away from your dumpster, and some of them are discussed below.

How to Keep Critters Away From a Dumpster Rental

Keep the Lids Closed

Cutting off access to the waste collection area is the first line of defense against animals. Keep the lid securely in place to prevent flies and mosquitoes from hovering around the trash. The cover can also protect against small rodents, like mice and possums.

Dumpster RentalMinimize Food Disposal

Avoid using the dumpster rental for discarding food items. Stray animals and insects are enticed by the smell of food, leaving a mess behind for you to clean up. Additionally, rotting leftovers create a foul odor and become breeding grounds for pests. If you do have to discard food, make sure your waste disposal company will pick up soon. 

Wash It Regularly

Flies thrive in dirty and unhygienic environments. To avoid them, wash the garbage collection bin regularly. A simple rinse with soap and water should be enough to get rid of contaminants that attract critters. What’s more, cleaning prevents the onset of unpleasant smells around your property and helps maintain sanitary conditions. 

Find the Right Spot

Finding the right place for your dumpster rental is also an important step. Moist surfaces, such as soil and grass, provide pests a place to nest. Cement and concrete tiles are good choices because they offer a sturdy, non-absorbent area to store the container.


With a few simple precautions, you can safeguard your waste containers from pest invasion. When you need reliable, top-quality dumpster rentals, call Southeast Waste Disposal. This garbage collection company has served Alabama’s Coffee, Covington, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, and Pike Counties for more than a decade. Find out more about their pickup and collection services by calling (334) 774-4158 or visiting their website.

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