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Why You Should Try Craft Beer February 9, 2018

Dunwoody, DeKalb
Why You Should Try Craft Beer, Dunwoody, Georgia

Never before has there been such an enormous selection of craft beer for consumers to enjoy. In fact, the wide variety can be quite overwhelming. It’s important to understand the difference between beverages produced for mass consumption versus those created with taste in mind. If you aren’t yet familiar with the benefits of drinking traditional, hand-crafted brews, here’s why you should give craft beer a try.

3 Reasons You Should Try Craft Beer Next Time You’re Out

1. It Tastes Better

Craft BeerSince artisanal brew is often made in small batches, brewers can purchase higher quality ingredients. While the taste of something is mostly subjective, using high-quality hops and grains generally produces a better-tasting beer. The difference in taste between mass-produced and craft beer is like the difference between fast food and fine dining.

2. There’s More Variety

Again, the ability to make craft beer in smaller batches allows for more experimentation with less of a risk. This means that brewers can be creative when it comes to developing unique recipes. When you purchase from one of these breweries, you’re tasting a one-of-a-kind blend that might only be available for a select period.

3. You’ll Support Small Businesses

Perhaps most importantly, drinking craft beer means that you’ll be supporting individual businesspeople who have invested their heart and soul into their product. This is especially important when you can find a local brewery to buy from. The money made from your purchases will, in turn, be reinvested in your community.

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your drinking experience while supporting small businesses, craft beer is the solution. Gilly’s Sports Bar in Atlanta, GA, provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with delicious food and drink. The restaurant offers daily specials and events, making it a favorite hangout destination. To see their menu, visit them online, or call (770) 817-2789 to learn what craft beers they currently have on rotation.
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