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3 Signs Loved Ones Are Ready to Move to a Retirement Community January 31, 2018

3 Signs Loved Ones Are Ready to Move to a Retirement Community, West Plains, Missouri

When senior care becomes too large of a responsibility for you to handle, it’s in your loved one’s best interest to turn the reins over to a retirement community. With constant access to medical care and a friendly staff of compassionate nursing assistants, you can be confident seniors are in good hands. If you’re not sure whether your loved one is ready for these benefits, familiarize yourself with some signs below.

How You’ll Know Seniors Are Ready to Go to a Retirement Community 

1. Safety Problems at Home

People find certain tasks more difficult as they age. Simple jobs, like opening a can or reaching for something on a tall shelf, may become increasingly dangerous for them to attempt on their own. If you’ve noticed that your loved one has had episodes of minor injury while performing household duties or have become prone to falling or slipping, it’s time to introduce the idea of a retirement community. With 24-hour access to medical professionals, you can be sure that no matter what they’re doing on their own time, they’ll have assistance when needed.

2. Complicated Medical Needs

retirement communityMedical routines can be extremely complicated, and it’s imperative that they are executed meticulously every day and on schedule. Seniors may have a hard time remembering when and how to administer their medication, which can lead to inconsistent dosages. If you’re concerned with keeping your loved one’s medical routine in order, residential care services are the answer. 

3. Wandering

Is your family member prone to wandering when they are alone? This can be extremely dangerous if they leave the house unattended. By moving them into a retirement community, you can be confident that they are under a watchful eye, even during the nighttime.


Do you have a friend or family member who needs assistance in West Plains, MO? If so, get in touch with the team at West Vue. This Christian retirement community is renowned for their specialized medical care and unmatched personal attention. Focused on providing peace of mind for both residents and their family members, you can trust that your loved one is the hands of those who truly care. For more help, go online or reach out at (417) 256-2152.

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