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Quick & Easy Guide to Pest-Proofing Your Storage Unit February 8, 2018

Wilmington, New Hanover
Quick & Easy Guide to Pest-Proofing Your Storage Unit, Wilmington, North Carolina

Pests in your unit can ruin your valuables and other important items you’ve put in storage for safe keeping. Due to the dark environment and sometimes, a lack of temperature control, storage units can become a breeding ground for insects, rodents, and other nuisances. This isn’t only dangerous for your unit, but an infestation can affect multiple nearby units, as well. Below is a guide to pest-proofing your space so you can avoid any inconveniences. 

How to Pest-Proof Your Storage Unit

1. Know the Signs

Educating yourself on the key indicators of a pest infestation can help you prevent the problem from getting any worse. This includes inspecting for animal droppings, teeth marks on cardboard or other items, and dust lines so you can follow their tracks. Many storage facilities partner with extermination services to remediate pest issues, so if you see any of these signs in your storage unit, make sure to let a rental professional know right away.

2. Store Smarter 

storage unitIf you’re storing your items in cardboard containers, it’s a good idea to switch to plastic. Plastic containers stack more easily, prevent pests, and are see-through, so you have a better idea of what items are stored where. If you’re having problems with bugs, lavender keeps moths away from your clothes, and sage deters both slugs and snails that are attracted to moisture. For other bugs, a standard spray works fine.

3.  Wrap It Up

If you have large furniture items, especially if they’re wooden, it’s a good idea to wrap them in plastic, as well. These will keep potential pests off of your valuables and, if critters do find their way into your unit, you may be able to smell a trail of urine on the plastic. In this case, you can notify pest control and replace the plastic without ruining your furniture.  


One of the best ways to keep pests out of your unit is to make sure that your valuables are stored in a high-quality, climate-controlled storage facility like Leland Self Storage in Brunswick County, NC. They have over 40 years of experience and are a trusted member of the community. Visit their website for other helpful storage tips or call (919) 399-4719 today and find out more about their climate-controlled units.

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