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How Environmental Remediation Risk Assessment Saves Money & Time February 27, 2018

Independence Park, Anchorage
How Environmental Remediation Risk Assessment Saves Money & Time, Anchorage, Alaska

Identifying potential hazards on a construction site can save money, time, and regulatory scrutiny. Risk assessment services in environmental remediation offer detailed information on contaminated areas and identify any potential risks involved in restoring them. Marsh Creek LLC in Anchorage, AK, has several experienced technicians who specialize in providing clients with thorough reports on sites before ground is broken on a new project.

One important way a risk assessment aids in the environmental remediation process is addressing a site's ecological makeup. This includes in-depth analysis of water, soil, and vegetation to determine if any of the entities have been contaminated. If hazards are identified, a professionally-prepared risk assessment will offer concrete next-step strategies to rectify them.

environmental remediationAnother important component of environmental remediation is exposing any potential human health risks. The risk assessment process includes compliance information that meets or exceeds local, state and federal regulations designed to protect humans from contaminant exposure. Failure to satisfy these guidelines could likely result in costly fines and penalties for development companies. 

Environmental remediation also involves the inspection of adjacent properties to the site in question. Risk assessment takes a broad, sweeping view of surrounding and established sites to expose contaminants that may taint pre-constructed areas. With this information in hand, developers can determine if their time, capital, and resources are worth investing in a site that may be located near a environmentally-compromised area.

Doing the detailed research needed to identify hazards early is the ultimate goal of an environmental remediation risk assessment. Let the experienced specialists at Marsh Creek LLC arm your company with the extensive analysis to make informed and cost-saving decisions. To learn more, call (907) 258-0050 to schedule a friendly consultation. For your convenience, regional offices are also located in Nampa, ID, and Dixon, CA. Visit the website for information on the firm's suite of services.