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How Does Anti-Slip Flooring Work? Safety Material Installation Team Weighs In February 7, 2018

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How Does Anti-Slip Flooring Work? Safety Material Installation Team Weighs In, Lynbrook, New York

If you own a business or manage a commercial or industrial facility, you need to take every step possible to protect the people on your property. That’s why the safety material installation experts at Eco-Tek NY, LLC, serving Long Island and Manhattan, recommend installing anti-slip flooring materials. This flooring relies on sophisticated technology to provide a safer workplace. Here, their team explains how it works.

Essential Points

Safety Material InstallationAt Eco-Tek NY, LLC, they offer Eco-Grip®, designed to not only prevent slips, but also to stand up to wear and tear. Because it can be applied over a wide range of existing flooring options, it’s an extremely versatile product that’s ideal for everything from retail stores to industrial facilities and large kitchens.

There are a few reasons this safety material installation is so effective at preventing falls. First, the texture of the material is very rough, which allows footwear to grip it easily. Think of the surface of a basketball to understand the friction at work here. On top of that, when manufacturing these surfaces, specialists choose materials that dry fast. Therefore, even when the floor is wet, people are not likely to slip on it.

Added Bonuses

Eco-Grip flooring is ideal because it boosts safety in the workplace and remains in shape for years. Combining an anti-fungal floor treatment with cohesive fibers, it stays clean while resisting heat, fire, and punctures. Safety material installation is a smart investment because it doesn’t require constant repairs and it’s easy to clean.

If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary product, get in touch with the safety material installation team at Eco-Tek NY, LLC serving clients throughout Long Island and Manhattan. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact them online, or call (516) 837-3294 to speak with a friendly professional.

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