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4 Scenarios That Require an Emergency Locksmith February 6, 2018

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4 Scenarios That Require an Emergency Locksmith, Preston, Connecticut

At one point or another, everyone experiences it—you leave your keys behind and are stranded outside, stressed and unsure what to do. No one wants to struggle to get back inside their home or car. That’s why, no matter the hour or occasion, an emergency locksmith is there to resolve even the toughest lock and key-related issues. Here are four times you should call one. 

4 Situations to Call an Emergency Locksmith For

1. You’re Locked Out of Your Home

If you’ve had a busy day, it’s easy to lose your house keys while out on the go. No one wants to get stranded outside their own home, especially late at night. Thankfully, an emergency locksmith will come to the rescue to let you back inside safely. In addition to gaining entry, your locks will be changed, and new house keys will be cut. This way, if anyone discovers your previous pair, you can rest assured that they can’t get into your home. 

2. You Locked Keys Inside Your Car

It happens to everyone. You’re running errands, have an upcoming appointment, and are rushing to your car. . .only to discover that you’ve locked the keys inside. This is a huge hassle for any car owner, but using the latest tools and techniques, a locksmith can get you back into your vehicle and onto that next appointment ASAP. 

locksmith3. Your Key Broke Off Inside the Lock

Old keys can stick and break off easily, and they’ll cause damage to the lock if left inside too long. Obviously, you don’t want to make yourself a burglary target by leaving the key stuck in the lock. A locksmith will remove it and create a replacement right away. Avoid this issue in the future by getting a spare made as soon as you notice any damage to your key. 

4. A Resident Moved Out

If you’re concerned about home security, rekeying never hurts. After anyone moves out, it’s a good idea to get new tumblers in the locks. Even if they turn over their house keys, a previous resident or roommate could have easily created spares without your knowledge. Stay on the safe side and have your locks rekeyed. That way, previous residents (and anyone who has their spare keys) can’t get inside. 


Accidents happen, but don’t let them leave you stranded. Quaker Hill, CT’s, A Scalia Lock & Key, the area’s top locksmith, will rush to the rescue with 24/7 emergency services. From rekeying to replacing your locks and making new keys, their services will give you peace of mind that your property is always protected. Visit their website for more information, or call (860) 444-6822 today!

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