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3 Ways Depression Affects Your Physical Health February 13, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Ways Depression Affects Your Physical Health, Honolulu, Hawaii

Depression is a mental health condition that is characterized by an overwhelming sense of sadness, isolation, or hopelessness. As with most brain disorders, though, it can manifest physical symptoms that affect the body in various ways. It can also cause people to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which will only worsen their physical symptoms and overall health.

What Are the Physical Symptoms of Depression?

1. Chronic Fatigue

There’s a link between depression and various sleep disorders, which can lead to chronic fatigue. People with depression are unlikely to take part in physically demanding activities because they simply don’t have the motivation to do so. Since regular exercise actually increases alertness and improves endurance, those who lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle are likely to feel a lot more tired than those who get in some physical activity every single day.

2. Low Libido

depressionDepression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, and this imbalance can affect your sex drive. Women with depression might experience low libido and vaginal dryness, while men can have erectile dysfunction. Although the urge to have sex is a psychological one, depression can inhibit the body’s physical ability to have intercourse.  

3. Weight Gain

Some of the medications that doctors prescribe for treating depression can lead to weight gain, as can the condition itself. According to WebMD, people who are depressed are more likely to gain weight over time than those who are not. When coupled with the poor lifestyle habits that the condition typically promotes, this weight gain can be sudden and dramatic.


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