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3 Reasons to Avoid Using Chemicals on Clogged Drains February 6, 2018

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3 Reasons to Avoid Using Chemicals on Clogged Drains, Vernon, Connecticut

If you’re like most people who experience occasional clogged drains, you’ve probably used store-bought chemicals to handle the problem. Although they may provide a temporary solution, commercial drain cleaners typically do more harm than good, corroding your pipework and jeopardizing your health. The next time you have clogged drains in your home, allow your local plumbers to correct the issue safely. Here are a few reasons why you should choose professional drain cleaning services over chemicals.

Clogged Drains: 3 Reasons to Avoid Using Chemicals

1. Environmental Hazards

Taking good care of the planet is more important now than ever. The problem with commercial drain cleaners is that their bottles cannot be recycled, which means they end up in overcrowded landfills. From there, residual chemicals in discarded drain cleaner bottles penetrate and pollute the earth. Protect your local vegetation and wildlife by enlisting drain cleaning services from the experts the next time you notice a clog.  

2. Health & Safety Concerns

clogged drainsMost commercial drain cleaners contain sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid, both of which are extremely toxic to humans. Not only will the fumes irritate your allergies, but they may also burn your lungs when they’re inhaled. If your children or pets accidentally ingest commercial drain cleaners, they may suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Stay safe by skipping the toxic drain cleaners, and rely on your local plumbers instead.

3. Pipe Damage

Another reason why it’s a good idea to avoid commercial drain cleaners is because eventually, they corrode your pipework. Whether your pipes are made out of PVC or galvanized steel, they will erode and become soft over time, causing leaks in your plumbing along with costly repairs or replacement services. Protect the integrity of your pipes by hiring a professional plumbing team to clear out your clogged drains.


When you pass on commercial drain cleaners and choose your local plumbers, you’ll ultimately keep more money in your pocket while protecting your health and doing a service for the environment. For over a decade, Ray Page Plumbing, Inc. has provided thorough, efficient, and affordable drain cleaning services to clients throughout Vernon, CT. The next time you have clogged drains, give these plumbers a call at (860) 926-4842. To learn more about drain cleaning and 24-hour emergency services, visit them online

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