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Apartment Hunting? 5 Essential Tips for First-Time Renters February 6, 2018

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Apartment Hunting? 5 Essential Tips for First-Time Renters, Conway East, South Carolina

If you’re getting ready to move out and go apartment hunting for the first time, you might be feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Though this is an exciting milestone, there are many essential factors to consider, from fees to insurance to establishing a sound credit history. So, before you begin the search, bear in mind the following tips.

How to Prepare for Apartment Hunting

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Fees

Many apartments require an application fee to help pay for administrative costs and ensure all applicants are serious about renting. They range in price but don’t usually surpass $100 or so.

2. Prepare to Pay a Pet Deposit if Applicable

Cats and dogs are wonderful companions, but they can potentially damage an apartment. Due to the increased risk, many companies request an extra pet deposit before you move in with your furry friend. In some cases, they charge additional rent.

3. Build Up Your Credit

apartment huntingIf this is your first time moving out, you might not have established any credit yet. Now is a good time to get a credit card to do just that. Your interest rate will be high at first, so pay off your balance in full every month. Doing this for a short while may increase your chances of getting accepted for an apartment.

4. Buy Renters Insurance

Anyone who rents an apartment would have renters insurance, as it covers you in case your possessions are stolen or damaged up to a certain dollar amount. If you have roommates, do not try to share policies to save on premiums; doing so will only lead to complications, especially if someone has more valuable items than the other.

5. Learn About Leases & Guarantors

Most reputable apartment buildings will have you sign a lease to ensure you’re accountable for the rent. If this is your first apartment, you might not be able to sign on your own. The company may request a guarantor, or someone who is legally responsible for the rent if you fail to pay—but who should never have to pay. Most people ask a trusted parent or relative to take on this role.


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