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Want to Devise a Comprehensive Risk Management Program for 2018? 3 Predictions to Keep in Mind February 6, 2018

Tuomy Hills, Ann Arbor
Want to Devise a Comprehensive Risk Management Program for 2018? 3 Predictions to Keep in Mind, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The threats that your company faces change from year to year because we live in a reactive society. For example, the aviation industry started banning liquids on commercial flights in 2006. As a result, major airlines reduced the risk of a “liquid bomb plot,” but by 2007, there were other threats to evade. This example illustrates why a comprehensive risk management program is never stagnant. What, then, should professionals consider when devising a vulnerability assessment for 2018?

3 Predictions to Keep in Mind When Creating Your 2018 Risk Management Program

1. Drones Will Only Become More Ubiquitous

According to Insurance Business Magazine, the FAA estimates that there will be 3.5 million hobby drones flying overhead by 2021. By that same year, America will also see ten times more commercial drones than there were in 2017. Because drones can breach physical barriers that may have provided adequate protection in the past, it is important to consider the threat of overhead danger when devising your risk management program for 2018.

risk management program2. The Winter Will Be Devastating

The year may be well underway, but winter is nowhere near over. Experts predicted severe winter weather all over the country in the fall of last year, and so far, they have been right. Consider the kinds of risks that your organization faces when severe weather strikes, so you can devise strategies to mitigate them with your risk management program.

3. Old Threats Will Find New Ways to Strike Using Social Medial

Social media has become a pillar of modern life, and when people are busy connecting with friends, it’s easy to forget how they are exposing themselves to potential risks. In recent weeks, for example, the US Central Command has found that something as simple as a fitness app could pose a threat to national security. The app in question tracks exercise habits, including their location, and has the potential to reveal classified information about military forces who use it in remote areas.


If you want to devise a comprehensive risk management program that takes multiple factors and predictions into account, turn to Circadian Risk. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, they are proud to provide unparalleled risk software for companies and learning institutions throughout the United States. Visit their website to learn how they can keep you and your clients safe, or call (248) 599-1935 to discuss your needs today. 

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