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5 HVAC Systems Available for New Construction February 6, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
5 HVAC Systems Available for New Construction , Staten Island, New York

Whether you’re building a new home or an office space, you’ll need to choose the ideal appliances to suit your needs. One of the essential components you’ll select is the HVAC system. Breezin HVAC in New York City, NY, has served the community since 1978, providing reliable commercial and residential HVAC services. Here, they explain the five primary types of heating and cooling systems available for new construction. 

5 HVAC Systems for Your New Home or Building 

1. Horizontal-Ducted 

Horizontal-ducted units require less ductwork than their traditional counterparts. They’re discreet, hidden in a ceiling or beneath the floor. These energy-efficient systems detect temperature fluctuations and automatically adjust to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature. 

2. Ceiling-Cassette 

Ceiling-cassette units are suspended from the ceiling, eliminating the need for ductwork. They lie flat against the ceiling, distributing air throughout the room. They’re designed to blend with the room so as not to be obtrusive. 

3. Wall-Mounted 

HVAC-systemThese indoor units are large but sleek and quiet enough to blend in with a space without being obvious. They allow you to control the temperature of individual rooms, which can significantly reduce utility costs. You can even connect the system to your Wi-Fi network to control the temperature remotely with a tablet or smartphone. 

4. Floor-Mounted 

Floor-mounted systems are similar to wall-mounted ones but are designed to blend with the floor. They have filtration systems that clean the air and remove allergens and other irritating particles. They’re quiet and efficient, with multi-flow vanes to heat a space quickly. 

5. Ducted Air Handler 

These units are designed for use in large homes and commercial buildings. They’re sturdy, energy-efficient, and versatile, allowing for vertical or horizontal installation depending on the space. They’re also quiet, which makes them excellent for workspaces and houses alike. 

If you’re an NYC resident constructing a new home or business, contact the Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors™ at Breezin HVAC to select an ideal HVAC system for your needs. With decades of experience and a top-notch reputation, this local company is the area’s most trusted source for ductless heating and cooling system installations and repairs. Call (718) 761-2700 to speak with a friendly team member. Or, visit their website to see their products. 

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