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Why You Should Eat at a Local Restaurant February 7, 2018

Douglasville-Lithia Springs, Douglas
Why You Should Eat at a Local Restaurant, Douglasville-Lithia Springs, Georgia

When you eat out, your visit makes a big impact. Choosing to dine at a local restaurant instead of a chain provides several benefits to you and your community. Read on to learn how your decision to eat at a local restaurant positively affects you and your neighbors. 

Reasons to Eat at a Local Restaurant 

1. Support Your Community

When you support a local restaurant, you’re supporting your local economy. The money that you spend will stay in your town instead of corporate headquarters. Local business people pay taxes that support your area’s infrastructure and institutions. If you want to help create a thriving economy in your city, choose to dine at an independently owned establishment. 

2. Check Out Live Music

You’ll rarely find entertainment at a corporate-owned restaurant. If you want to enjoy live music during your meal or while hanging out afterward, check out a locally owned venue. They will be less restricted about the music they can play and often feature talent from within the community. 

3. Enjoy Local Craft Beer

RestaurantThere are a few delicious reasons to stay local, too. An independently owned restaurant can be more flexible with their menu selections. In addition to unique food choices, you can order local craft beer. When you choose a menu item that’s produced in your town, it’s just one more way that your purchase can make a positive impact.


When you want to be treated to the very best your town has to offer, whether it’s food, entertainment, or craft beer, visit a local restaurant. The owners of the Twisted Pickle Tavern in Douglasville, GA, have created a welcoming atmosphere and entertainment hub for the area. They serve lunch and dinner seven days a week and features live music for the late crowd. To learn more about upcoming events, visit their Facebook page or call (678) 909-2129.
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