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3 Benefits of Including Hydroseeding in Your Lawn Care Routine February 14, 2018

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3 Benefits of Including Hydroseeding in Your Lawn Care Routine, Fairbanks, Alaska

When you think about your dream yard, what comes to mind? For most people, lush, green grass is at the top of their list. Luckily, you can make this vision a reality with hydroseeding. This method of sowing grass seeds offers a number of remarkable benefits. Below, Benson Excavation & Landscape in Fairbanks, AK, shares three reasons to incorporate hydroseeding in your lawn care regimen this year.

Hydroseeding Offers These 3 Lawn Care Benefits

1. Improved Lawn Quality

lawn careTraditional dry seed application often leads to patchy lawns, as grass seeds blow away, are eaten by birds, or are washed away by rain. Hydroseeding combines mulch, soil, and seeds to root grass into the ground before it begins growing. This creates a thicker, more resilient yard in a shorter time frame. Hydroseeding also improves the growth and survival rate for each seed and leaves lawns less vulnerable to erosion.

2. Fast Growth

Hydroseeded grass grows much faster than traditionally seeded options. In fact, blades should begin peeking out of the dirt after just seven days. They can be mowed within several weeks under the right conditions, taking your yard from patchy to lush as quickly as possible. With the help of hydroseeding, your family will enjoy games and barbecues with fresh grass between their toes in no time.

3. Return on Investment

While hydroseeding can be slightly more expensive than regular dry seeding, the return on investment is much higher. You won’t need to buy expensive sod or fill your yard with fertilizer after using this technique. Plus, hydroseeding is much faster than spreading grass by hand, so you’ll spend less on labor costs.

Hydroseeding produces a higher quality grass, faster growth, and a better return on your lawn care investments. Keep this method in mind when the ground warms up and you’re ready to create the yard of your dreams. To discuss your options, call Benson Excavation & Landscape at (907) 458-0124, and visit the website for information on their landscape design offerings.

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