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"My iPhone® keeps restarting. What do I do?' February 5, 2018

Overland Park, Johnson
"My iPhone® keeps restarting. What do I do?', Overland Park, Kansas

We at Experimac Overland Park in Overland Park, KS have had many customers call about this issue so we wanted to share a couple of possible causes as well as how to remedy them. This issue is known as “rebooting” or “bootlooping” with the later being the most commonly used.

Initial downloading of the most current iOS® is probably the biggest offender. We had an influx of customers experience this right after iOS® 11 came out this past fall. The operating system must download and install completely to before leaving a WiFi network. You will know it has completely finished when it asks you to unlock your iPhone®. Remember that some apps will be impacted by this update so be sure they also finish downloading as well. 

  • To fix this for the iPhone®  models previous and up to the iPhone 6s® line, hold down the home button and power/lock button at the same time while not connected to a computer or power source. Continue holding both buttons until you have a screen showing the iTunes® symbol and a lightning cable plug prompting you to connect it to the computer you back it up with. 
    • This process also works with iPads® but may take longer to show the “connect to iTunes® screen”. 
  • If possible, download the update on the computer you back it up to and redownload it to fix the issue
  • If the above is not possible, connect your iDevice® to iTunes® and chose “update”

The second one is caused by not having enough storage for the update. Most of the time the update overlays the previous operating system but that is not always the case. If possible, download the update on your computer and then connect it, chose the “back up to this computer” option and install the update this way. You can also go to Photos® or iPhoto® to remove some pictures on you phone while the update is downloading. 


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