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4 Benefits of Staining Your Deck February 12, 2018

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4 Benefits of Staining Your Deck , Minisink, New York

Even the most durable decks can suffer wear and tear from the elements, which is why many homeowners invest in deck staining on a regular basis. Ed Peters Painting in Slate Hill, NY, suggests re-staining your deck to improve its appearance and protect it from the harsh outdoors. Below are a few more benefits of deck staining worth considering.

4 Advantages of Regular Deck Staining

1. Improved Appearance 

Staining your deck will highlight its beautiful wood grain, drastically improving its overall appearance. It also comes in a variety of different tints, so you can match the stain to the color of your home while maintaining the natural look of the wood it’s constructed with. 

2. Easier Process

stainingWhen it comes to painting or staining your deck, the latter is almost always easier. Staining doesn’t require primer, so the project can be completed in half the time. Paint is also more susceptible to UV rays and deterioration from foot traffic, so it fades faster and needs frequent touching up. Staining only needs to be done every few years at most, significantly reducing your deck maintenance workload.

3. Rot & Infestation Prevention

In addition to providing your deck with an eye-catching appearance, staining it will also help increase its lifespan. By coating your deck with wood stain, you’ll prevent the wood from rotting, which can eventually cause your deck to collapse. Staining also minimizes the chance of mold and mildew growth and protects the wood from insect infestations.

​​​​​​​4. Reduced Moisture 

Another factor that can damage a deck is excessive moisture, which seeps into wood that’s not properly stained and coated. During the winter, water that was absorbed by your deck can freeze, creating cracks and other costly damage. For this reason, periodic re-staining is recommended. 

Staining your deck will make it one of the highlights of your home, reducing the need for repairs and frequent maintenance. To learn more about the process, contact Ed Peters Painting today at (845) 986-2979. You can also visit their website to learn why they’re one of Orange County’s leading residential painting companies.