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Animal Hospital Shares 5 Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your House February 7, 2018

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Animal Hospital Shares 5 Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your House, High Point, North Carolina

Few things are more exciting than welcoming a new puppy into your home. However, before bringing your furry friend to your place, it’s important to remove possible hazards. Puppies are naturally curious creatures and may get themselves into dangerous situations if your house isn’t safe. The professionals at High Point Veterinary Hospital, an animal hospital in North Carolina, share tips on how to puppy-proof your home.

An Animal Hospital’s Guide to Making Your Home Safe for a Puppy

1. Cover Electrical Cords

When puppies are teething, they will chew on just about anything, including electrical cords. Unfortunately, these items can shock your puppy and burn their mouth, resulting in a trip to the animal hospital. Because you can’t watch your furry baby every second, it’s a good idea to put covers over all cords.

2. Put Medications Away

Puppies love to jump up on surfaces and explore, and if the counter they surf has medication on it, they may start chewing on the packaging or, worse, the pills. To ensure this doesn’t happen, keep all your medications in a secure cabinet or drawer.

3. Hide Garbage Cans in Closets

There could be toxic items for your puppy in your garbage can, like chocolate or onions. To keep them safe, put trash cans in closets until your pooch knows not to rip them apart. If you can’t fit your garbage receptacles in the closets, secure them with lids. 

4. Keep the Toilet Seat Down

animal hospitalWhile your furry family member is young and small, it’s important to always keep the toilet lid down. Otherwise, your puppy could lean in for a drink of water and drown because they don’t know how to get out. 

5. Remove Poisonous House Plants

Plants add beauty to your home, but they can also be dangerous to your puppy. Certain species in particular, like azaleas, sago palm, and aloe, are toxic to dogs. Consider removing these types before you bring your furry family member home.

If it’s time to bring in your new pup to an animal hospital for a checkup, contact High Point Veterinary Hospital at (336) 889-3832. They have been caring for area pets for more than 20 years and provide everything from spaying and neutering to vaccinations and dental care. For more information, visit their website.

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