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3 Basics of Air Compressor Safety February 6, 2018

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
3 Basics of Air Compressor Safety, Maryland Heights, Missouri

As with any tool, using an air compressor safely will help you extend its lifespan and minimize the risks of accidents. While the dangers of using these tools are low-risk compared with some other types of machinery, it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with basic safety principles. As a leading provider of air compressor parts and services, Industrial Compressor Supplies in Maryland Heights, MO, is the best source for information.

3 Air Compressor Safety Tips

air compressor Maryland Heights MO1. Monitor Your Pressure

To work with compressed air safely, make sure your pressure levels never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended setting. Air that goes in should have a maximum of 90 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure. If you are cleaning with compressed air, don’t use more than 15 PSI without attaching a nozzle. Failure to stay within recommended PSI guidelines could cause damage to the compressor and air tools.

2. Drain Water

When water builds up inside your tank, it could lead to rust. While it may seem harmless, rust is one of the most dangerous substances to have inside your compressor tank. It makes the tank more prone to combustion, so always be sure to drain the water from the compressor completely.

3. Lubricate Safely

Many of the components of a compressor system require lubrication to function optimally. However, over-lubricating parts can lead to corrosion. Worse yet, using low flash point oils to lubricate the machine could lead to combustion, since the compressor operates at high temperatures. Make sure the lubricants you’re using are safe for your application in advance.

Whether you’re in need of air compressor lubricants, parts, or service, Industrial Compressor Supplies can provide for all of your needs. Their team has more than 25 years of experience and is known for outstanding customer service. Learn more by visiting their website, or contact their team for 24/7 assistance by calling (877) 426-3131.

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