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3 Landscape Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Spring February 1, 2018

East Hamilton, Hamilton
3 Landscape Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Spring, Hamilton, Ohio

When the temperature is below freezing, and the forecast still calls for snow, spring can feel quite far away. However, the ground will be thawing before you know it, so now is the time to prepare your exterior by implementing a few landscape maintenance strategies. For homeowners in Hamilton, OH, Imfeld Nursery is the go-to source for all landscaping needs. Below, they share their best tips on prepping your property for a bountiful spring season.

3 Landscape Maintenance Tips for Springtime Prep

1. Prune Your Plants

The month of February is the perfect time to begin pruning plants anticipated to bloom in the spring. Gentle, light pruning can help to stimulate growth. Pruning is best performed when buds begin to swell, so monitor plants like rose bushes carefully. If you’re unsure how much—or more importantly, how little—you should be pruning, enlist the help of professionals.  

2. Fertilize Evergreens

landscaping maintenanceEvergreen trees, as their name suggests, stay active year round and have therefore continued to remove nutrients from the soil all throughout the winter. To keep them healthy this time of year, consider treating them with fertilizer. The same goes for any evergreen shrubs you may have on your property.

3. Clean Up Your Grounds

If the temperature is above freezing for four or five consecutive days, you may want to begin prepping your gardens. As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can even begin weeding this time of year. Clear away any mulch you laid during winter or earlier, and consider applying a fresh layer. You can also prep your garden tools and machinery to ensure they’re in working order for the spring.

Landscape maintenance isn’t always easy, especially in areas where the temperature can fluctuate significantly. Performing tasks too early or too late in the season can impact the wellness of your plant life. Take the guesswork out of landscape design and maintenance by hiring a reliable, high-quality landscaper. With more than 40 years’ experience, Imfeld Nursery has created and maintained stunning exteriors for residents throughout the Hamilton, OH, area. Learn more by visiting their website, or call (513) 868-1828 to discuss your goals for this coming spring. 

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