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What You Should Know About Kentucky Personal Injury Law February 7, 2018

Downtown Lexington, Lexington-Fayette Central
What You Should Know About Kentucky Personal Injury Law, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

If you suffer a personal injury, do you know what Kentucky requires and allows you to do to receive compensation for your losses? It’s crucial to be aware of the law so you can exercise your rights and fulfill your responsibilities. Here are things you need to know to pursue claims in the event someone causes a damaging accident.  

Important Points About Personal Injury in Kentucky

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is the time within which you must file a complaint in court for claims. Generally, Kentucky law requires individuals to file personal injury lawsuits within one year from the date their injuries. A statute of limitations expiration date may be tolled, or delayed, for reasons such as the injured person is on active military service, or is a minor.

Comparative Fault

personal-injuryTo win a personal injury lawsuit, you must prove someone else is at fault in causing your injury. Kentucky courts apply the legal concept of comparative fault, which means you can be partly at fault and still recover money damages. Courts reduce damage awards by the percentage of fault they attribute to the individuals filing suit. For example, if your damages award is $5,000 for a slip and fall accident, but the court finds you were 20% at fault for not watching where you were walking, the court deducts 20% from the award, and you would receive $4,000.

No Damages Cap

Unlike states that limit the amount of damages individuals can recover for personal injury, Kentucky allows full compensation for all injuries proven. Lawyers seek unlimited recovery for their clients’ special damages, such as hospital bills and lost wages, and general damages, such as pain and suffering and reduced quality of life. 


From his offices in Lexington, KY, John L. Tackett Attorney at Law provides vigorous and skilled representation in personal injury cases throughout the area. His professionalism and compassion give clients peace of mind while he addresses their difficult circumstances. To get the dedicated representation and full compensation you deserve, contact Attorney Tackett. Visit his website now, and call (859) 252-8360 to schedule your consultation.

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