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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient February 6, 2018

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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Have you noticed a spike in your utility bills? If so, your HVAC unit could be the culprit. A heating and air conditioning system that doesn’t operate at peak performance is a huge energy drain and could lead to costly HVAC repair bills. Thankfully, there a few tasks you can do to boost the performance of your system and help keep more of your money in your pocket.

How to Help Your System Operate More Efficiently & Avoid HVAC Repairs

1. Install Insulation

You may be losing a great deal of your warm or cold air through your ductwork, windows, and pipes. Add extra insulation to your air ducts and pipes. Apply a sealant around window casings and electrical outlets. Lastly, add a plastic overlay on the windows to prevent air from escaping.

2. Monitor Airflow

HVAC repairOne common problem requiring HVAC repair involves issues with air flow. Clean the air conditioning coils and remove any debris blocking the unit. Then, go through each room in your house and move bulky furniture that may be obstructing the air vents. You should also change the air filters regularly. A dirty air filter will prevent air from circulating and make your system work overtime to compensate for the air loss.

3. Buy a Programmable Thermostat

This versatile thermostat can help you avoid wasting heat or cold air during times when no one is home. You can program it to go to an optimal temperature when you are away and automatically adjust right before you return. You can also set schedules to regulate the temperature based on the day of the week.


Taking a few simple steps around your home will save you money on your utility bills and avoid costly HVAC repairs. For more information on helping your heating and cooling system operate more efficiently, turn to Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating. This company has over 100 years of experience providing expert HVAC maintenance and repair service to the citizens of La Crosse, WI. Their reputation has earned them high marks in customer satisfaction and quality. Give them a call at (608) 782-1700 or visit their website for more information.

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