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How Self-Storage Benefits Military Families February 6, 2018

How Self-Storage Benefits Military Families, Anchorage, Alaska

If you or a family member are in the military, you need to be prepared to pack up and ship out when duty calls. A reliable self-storage provider will make it much easier for your family to temporarily relocate. International Self Storage in Anchorage, AK, works with military clients on a regular basis, and they’ve assembled some of the advantages a secure unit provides the country’s active service members. 

How Self-Storage Benefits Active Service Members & Military Families 

A Place for Your Valuables During Deployment 

If you’ve been deployed overseas or need to relocate for a year or two, you likely don’t want to continue paying for a house or an apartment just to store your belongings. Investing in a self-storage unit is often a preferable alternative, because it's much cheaper and more flexible. Many storage facilities will offer month-to-month payment plans, so if you’re unsure as to exactly how long you’ll need to use their services, you can extend your contract on a monthly basis until you return. 

Storage During Relocation After Enlisting 

self-storageWhen you enlist, you likely won’t remain in the same area—you’ll often be forced to move for basic training, technical school, and your first assignment. All that moving around will make it difficult to haul your belongings to each new location. If you want a secure place to keep your valuables early in your military career, investing in a secure storage unit is ideal. Keeping your belongings in one place will minimize the chance they’ll be lost in a move, as well as keep them in pristine condition until you return. 

Vehicle Storage 

Just because you’ll be going away for a year or two doesn’t mean you have to sell your vehicle—there are plenty of vehicle storage options available. Plus, investing in an auto storage unit is often much cheaper than parking it elsewhere. Additionally, a secure, indoor facility will ensure your car remains protected from the elements. 

Whether you’re shipping out for a few months or a year, investing in a self-storage unit will ensure all of your cherished belongings will be safe and sound when you return. Call International Self Storage today to learn more about their services, or follow them on Twitter for storage tips and regular updates about the company. 

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