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Wisconsin’s Top Well Inspection Crew Offers 3 Maintenance Tips for Winter February 8, 2018

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Wisconsin’s Top Well Inspection Crew Offers 3 Maintenance Tips for Winter, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

As with your house, a water well requires certain maintenance practices to meet the unique challenges brought about by the cold season. With some guidance from Luisier Drilling, a top well inspection team in Oconto Falls, WI, you can quickly be brought up to speed on how to secure your system. Here are three key suggestions from the well-drilling experts. 

A Well Inspection Outfit’s 3-Step Guide to Winter Maintenance

1. Do a Spot Check

Due to the inevitable snowfall, winters tend to get messy. Between the winds and slush, there is a chance that detritus on the ground can find its way into your well. To avoid that contamination, conduct a seasonal tidying in the surrounding area. You’ll also want to check for any chemicals that were accidentally left nearby, such as a container of fertilizer or motor oil.

2. Schedule an Inspection

well inspectionOnce you’ve made the rounds yourself, it’s time to bring in the experts to give their own analysis. It’s important to make the well inspection appointment as soon as possible in the winter because as it snows more, it can be increasingly difficult for anyone to access the well or perform repairs. The professionals will ensure the well cap is still fitting, look for any obvious signs of contamination, and test your water to detect any invisible problems. 

3. Protect Pipes

While many homeowners remember to address exposed pipes in their home, it can be easy to forget that your water well has pipes too, and they are just as susceptible to freezing. First, you’ll need to locate any pipes that may go above ground. Then, using heat tape, wrap the piping so that when the temperature drops, it doesn’t freeze and burst. 

If you rely on a well for your water supply, you owe it to yourself to keep it in great condition. To investigate the status of your water, get in touch with a well inspection squad at Luisier Drilling. You can make an appointment by calling (920) 848-5239. Learn more about the well planning crew by visiting their website

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