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3 Bathroom Remodel Tricks to Make a Small Space Appear Larger February 7, 2018

Perinton, Monroe
3 Bathroom Remodel Tricks to Make a Small Space Appear Larger, Perinton, New York

One of the most dramatic home improvement projects you can take on as a homeowner is a bathroom remodel. With a few strategic design plans, your space will go from drab to total luxury. One reason people start a bathroom remodel is to make the space seem larger. A cramped bathroom can leave you feeling claustrophobic, but with some carefully implemented renovations, you will create a more spacious and airy area.

3 Ways to Amplify Space in a Bathroom Remodel

1. Add Windows & Mirrors

The more light that enters a room, the larger it appears. If your existing bathroom is small, dimly lit, or is in a shaded part of the house, the shadowy ambiance creates a sense of cramped discomfort. Add a new window or skylight into the room to maximize natural light. Or, if that’s not possible, try some strategically placed mirrors and modern fixtures that provide plenty of light where you want it.

2. Simplify Storage

bathroom remodelHaving your items out on the counter makes the room look cluttered, taking up valuable space. Instead of leaving your most often-used products out in disarray, add custom cabinets for storage and organization. Your counter space can be used for personalized touches, including flowers, photos, or candles. 

3. Consider Color

The color of a room makes a major difference in the appearance of its size. Try painting the room a cool, light shade, as this will create the illusion of a slightly larger area. Dark colors are known to absorb light and will narrow the depth of the bathroom. Your best bet is a tone that reflects light and draws the eyes upward. 


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