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3 Best Cars for Teen Drivers to Keep Auto Insurance Rates Low February 5, 2018

Chama, Rio Arriba
3 Best Cars for Teen Drivers to Keep Auto Insurance Rates Low, Chama, New Mexico

If your teen recently got their learner’s permit or license, you may be considering getting them a car or letting them drive one of yours. The car you choose will have a dramatic impact on both your teen’s safety and your auto insurance rates. While you can’t prevent your rates from increasing when you add your child to your policy, you can mitigate that spike by choosing a sensible vehicle.

Keep Auto Insurance Rates Low With These Rides

1. 2012 Models or Newer

It’s tempting to buy an older car for your teen. After all, they’re cheaper up-front than a new vehicle or newer used car. Unfortunately, many of these older vehicles will not only cost more to maintain, but because they lack modern safety features, they’ll also result in higher auto insurance rates. Choose a model from 2012 or newer to ensure it has electronic stability control.

2. Midsize Sedans

These cars may not get your teen any “cool points” with their friends, but they’re safer than their smaller, sportier, two-door counterparts. A midsize sedan offers plenty of room to run errands and go to school. Newer models come with plenty of safety features, including automatic braking and blind-spot monitoring, and they’re easy to control and offer better visibility than smaller vehicles.

3. Small SUVs & Crossovers

cars for teens to save on auto insuranceIf your teen wants something a little hipper than a sedan or needs more room for their sports equipment, a small SUV or crossover is a practical alternative. These vehicles are usually equipped with all-wheel drive and plenty of safety features but are limited in power and seating. The smaller styles are also less prone to tipping when making sharp turns. 


Choosing the right vehicle is just one way to save money on your auto insurance. The insurance agents at Alcorn Insurance Agency in Chama, NM, can help you explore other ways to save, like discounts for good grades and safe driving, or combining your auto and home insurance. As an independent insurance agency, they can find the perfect policies to meet you and your family’s needs. Visit their website for more information, or call (575) 756-2197 to get a quote.

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