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How to Determine Whether It's Time for a New Heating Oil Tank March 1, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
How to Determine Whether It's Time for a New Heating Oil Tank, West Haven, Connecticut

Although with proper maintenance a heating oil tank could last up to 40 years, there are a few situations when equipment might need replacement before the milestone. Exposure to the environment or vent pipe undersized or excessive sediment in the oil tank. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to replace the heating oil tank, below are three ways to know for certain.  

How to Tell if It’s Time for a New Heating Oil Tank

1. Excessive Surface Rust on the Tank

If the heating oil tank is installed outdoors in an area with trees overhead, branches and twigs could fall on the equipment and dent the surface. Inside oil tanks that are installed in humid areas that have surface rust covering the tank also can be a sign that its time   If you see slick areas on the outside of the tank or wet spots on the ground around it, call an HVAC contractor to install a new one. 

2. Service call after oil deliveries

West-Haven-Connecticut-heating-oil-tankAfter you receive your oil delivery, your heat goes out and you need a service call for a clogged oil filter or nozzle. .A heating contractor can investigate the issue to determine whether you need a replacement tank.  

3. Tank Components Are undersized or Damaged

If the vent pipe is smaller that two inches or if it is clogged or has a broken vent alarm, it could cause stress on your oil tank causing a fuel leak. If the piping inside the house show signs of leaks it also a good time to have a HVAC contractor come to take a look at it.


If you need a new heating oil tank, Apple Oil in West Haven, CT, is known throughout the area for its inventory of high-quality, long-lasting products to reduce energy usage and heating costs. They also offer fast, convenient heating oil delivery, so you’ll never run out. To learn more about heating products available in New Haven County, call (203) 934-3835, or visit the oil company online for details.  

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