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A Guide to Ductless HVAC Systems & How They Can Save You Money February 6, 2018

New York, Bronx
A Guide to Ductless HVAC Systems & How They Can Save You Money, New York, New York

Imagine having an HVAC system that automatically adjusts temperatures to comfortable settings and saves you money each month. It's possible with a top-quality ductless model. Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning in City Island, NY, is the trusted Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor home and business owners turn to for these state-of-the-art systems. Below, they go into more depth about how one can benefit you. 

Less Pressure on the HVAC System 

HVAC systemInstead of overworking its components to distribute cool or warm air when the interior temperature changes, a ductless model eliminates this step. Mitsubishi Electric's model contains an inverter compressor, which identifies fluctuations and instantly adjusts a room's temperature. The window of change is so slight and automatic that it doesn't put undue stress on the inner components.

The result? Less energy is needed to adjust the comfort level in rooms that are not occupied. And, monthly electric bills are potentially lower thanks to less off and on cycles. 

More Zone Control Features 

Another way ductless systems are configured to save users money is through their zone control feature. Mitsubishi Electric offers models that control segments in a home or business with special thermostats. Unlike typical duct versions that are linked to a single unit, ductless systems have their own separate, split components to create customized temperatures within each zone. Warm and cold air is channeled to the user's preferred spots, not lesser-used spaces. Ultimately, the efficiency can help reduce monthly electric bills.

Experience the money-saving difference of a ductless HVAC system. You'll enjoy a new, more efficient way to heat and cool your residence or commercial building. To learn more, call Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning today at (718) 885-3328. Visit the website for extensive information about the company's suite of products, services, and deals. Like them on Facebook for more helpful tips and company updates. 

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