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Top 3 Most Important Things to do Before Building Demolition February 20, 2018

Independence Park, Anchorage
Top 3 Most Important Things to do Before Building Demolition, Anchorage, Alaska

When a decrepit or condemned building needs to be eliminated so the property can be used for a new purpose, the old structure is typically demolished. But there are several crucial steps that must be taken before a building demolition can be carried out, including adherence to safety and legal requirements. Marsh Creek LLC, in Anchorage, AK, shares a few of the hurdles that need to be cleared before a building can be demolished. 

Top 3 Things to Do Before Building Demolition

1. Demolition Permit

Yes, even obliterating old buildings requires legal permission. Obtain a demolition permit through your local municipality, and do your best to avoid carrying out demolition on the same day you received the permit. 

2. Suspend Utilities

building demolitionIf the building targeted for demolition was receiving water, electricity, and other services in the recent past, make sure all utility companies have been notified of the impending demolition. This way they can stop servicing the property well before it’s gone. Further, supply lines should be cut and capped so that water, electric, and gas companies can easily return to servicing the area in the future. 

3. Communicate With Demolition Contractor

Although demolition projects sound straightforward, there are often more specifics once you're immersed in the process. Make sure you communicate early and often with your demolition contractor, articulating exactly what you want done. Clarity between client and contractor minimizes the chances of mistakes being made that can't be undone. 

Marsh Creek LLC is a versatile Alaskan contractor capable of carrying out an impressive range of services, including permit assistance, logistical support, environmental remediation, and building demolition. They provide a strong, reliable support system throughout the construction process, and their extensive experience means they're never wading into unfamiliar waters. Visit the construction team's website to learn more about their comprehensive slate of services, or call them directly at (907) 258-0050.