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Ask a Dentist: Are Headaches & Oral Health Connected? February 6, 2018

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Ask a Dentist: Are Headaches & Oral Health Connected?, McCall, Idaho

Frequent headaches and crippling migraines can significantly affect your well-being when they become a regular issue. It’s often difficult to pinpoint the cause because of the number of factors that could be the source. These, surprisingly, can include oral health problems. According to the staff at Brian W. Charles, DMD in McCall, ID, there are a variety of dental issues that could be tied to headaches, which is why you need to visit a dentist if you deal with regular pain. This pain may signal underlying issues that need immediate treatment, and a dentist will help resolve the issue and help you achieve relief.

Headaches & Oral Health

Because your mouth is so sensitive, a number of issues can occur that generate headaches. In cases of serious decay or gum disease, the infections around your teeth can result in regular headaches. This usually begins with pain in the teeth, so pay attention next time a headache begins. A dentist is the only person who can treat this, and the sooner you bring it to their attention, the sooner you can fix the issue. It’s also important to treat these oral health issues before they become more serious.

dentistCommon oral health–related causes of headaches are also tied to bite, muscle, and jaw issues. Many people grind their teeth at night and aren’t aware. This puts immense strain on muscles and ligaments, which can result in headaches. If they are related to teeth grinding, they’ll manifest upon waking, so note any repeat incidences.

They may also be due to jaw issues—specifically temporomandibular joint disorders. This serious oral health issue is a primary cause of migraines and may require orthodontic care to correct. It’s most commonly marked by popping or clicking noises when moving your jaw, as well as more frequent pain in the mandible.

If you’re dealing with regular headaches, consider consulting a dentist along with your primary care physician. The staff at Brian W. Charles, DMD is committed to helping patients maintain proper oral health and will work with you to treat any issues you’re facing. Call (208) 634-7653 today to schedule a consultation and visit their website to learn more about their general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services.

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