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Don’t Ignore These 4 Signs of Hearing Loss February 6, 2018

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Don’t Ignore These 4 Signs of Hearing Loss, Kerrville, Texas

Many people think they would notice if they were experiencing hearing loss, but you might be surprised to learn that at first, the signs can be subtle. Know the signs so you can get the help you need to maintain your hearing and your quality of life.

4 Signs of Hearing Loss

1. Your TV Is Turned Up

If people often remark that the volume on your television is loud, or you’ve found yourself steadily needing to turn it up, you might have early hearing loss. Talk to a hearing professional about listening devices that can make hearing your television easier.

2. Ringing in the Ears

Sometimes ringing in the ears after spending time in a loud environment is temporary. If you notice that ringing becomes frequent or constant, it’s time to talk to your doctor, especially if the ringing, buzzing, or roaring is loud enough to drown out other sounds.

3. Difficulty Following Conversations

hearing lossDo you have trouble following a conversation, especially when multiple people are involved? This is a common problem among people with hearing loss because speakers often overlap during group conversations. Higher-pitched voices, such as those of women and children, are also harder to hear for those with hearing loss.

4. Trouble Distinguishing Between Certain Sounds

The difference between some sounds can be subtle, like “f” and “s” or “ch” and “th.” For people with hearing loss, it can be difficult to distinguish between these sounds, which make understanding a conversation difficult. If you think you can hear what people are saying but you can’t always understand the words being said, you might have mild hearing loss.  

If you suspect you have hearing loss, talk to a specialist to have a hearing test performed. A hearing center will diagnose the problem and help you get back to your life with the right hearing devices for you.


Solbrig Hearing Center in Kerrville, TX, uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat hearing loss. They have a wide range of hearing instruments that will improve your quality of life at home and at work. You can also rely on their experienced team to repair or maintain your device to help you save money. Call (830) 895-5900 or contact Solbrig Hearing Center online to reclaim your hearing today.

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