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3 Different Types of Indian Curry to Try February 6, 2018

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3 Different Types of Indian Curry to Try , Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, a spice fiend or a spice hater, Indian curry comes in a variety of flavor options for any palate. For those who are new to Indian cuisine, the sheer number of curries to choose from can be overwhelming. To help you get a better understanding of which ones might suit your tastes, the staff at Bombay Deluxe Indian Restaurant in Anchorage, AK, breaks down the main types of curries based on their ingredients and level of spiciness.

Top 3 Types of Indian Curry to Try

curry1. Mahkni & Korma Curry

Of all the curry options, Mahkni and Korma are typically the mildest ones due to their creamy base. Mahkni (which translates to "butter") is made with cream and tomato gravy topped with buttered chicken, lentils, or vegetables. This particular dish is flavored with garlic, turmeric, and chilies—though the level of spiciness can be adjusted depending on your tastes. Korma is served with a yogurt-based gravy and mixed with chicken, nuts, and fruits. While it's an onion-forward dish (some recipes call for anywhere between two to six onions, depending on how many people are being served), Korma is also spiced with ginger, garlic, and cardamom, making a delicious, harmonious balance of rich flavors. 

2. Vindaloo Curry

For those with spicier tastes, vindaloo curry will give you the kick you need. This dish comes flavored with red chilies, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger and vinegar. Although vindaloo can be enjoyed on the milder side, those who want the full experience should opt for the original spices this curry offers. 

3. Masala Curry

Masala is the most varied curry dish available. Unless specified, the spice level can range from very mild to extremely spicy. Some masalas come with or without cream, packed with spices similar to those in vindaloo, or minimally spiced. Most come with tomatoes, herbs, and a masala spice mix that is original to each chef, making this dish deliciously aromatic.

If you’re interested in trying out the range of flavors Indian curry has to offer, stop by Bombay Deluxe Indian Restaurant to experience top quality Indian cuisine. Their selection of fresh curries is available daily at the lunch buffet or for takeout. They’re also available to cater large parties at reasonable prices. To learn more about Bombay Deluxe’s selection, call (907) 277-1200 or view their menu online.

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