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Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Essential February 5, 2018

Hobbs, Lea
Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Essential, Hobbs, New Mexico

Keeping your home’s septic tank clean will extend its life span and prevent the need for costly repairs, which is why Al Trusty Septic of Hobbs, NM, stresses the importance of regular septic pumping appointments. If you’re curious as to why this task matters, consider the following guide. 

Why Is It Important to Pump Your Septic Tank Regularly? 

Septic Pumping Helps Keep the Environment Safe

One of the primary reasons for septic pumping is to prevent the tank from leaking harmful waste into the environment. The purpose of the tank is to recycle used water back into the water table by filtering out solids. If it’s not cleaned properly, the tank can overflow, spring leaks that contaminate the local drinking water, and damage nearby plant and animal life. 

Removal of Solid Waste Minimizes Damage

septic tankOver time, solid particles that are unable to break down find their way to the bottom of the septic tank. If the waste isn’t pumped out periodically, it will eat away at your tank, resulting in leaks and the need for a replacement. A regular pumping schedule can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to your septic system. 

Pumping Helps Prevent Sewage Backups

When you neglect your septic tank, it doesn’t just put the environment at risk—it also puts you and your family in danger. Without proper cleaning, your septic tank can fill up and cause a sewage backup in your home. To prevent your bathroom and yard from flooding with solid waste, adhere to a regular pumping schedule. 

By maintaining your septic tank and sticking to a regular pumping schedule, you will minimize the need for repairs and avoid costly damage to your home. For more helpful septic tips, call Al Trusty Septic today at (575) 393-1200. You can also visit their website for a closer look at the services they offer. 

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