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A Car Dealership's Guide to Test Driving the Right Way February 5, 2018

Puyallup, Pierce
A Car Dealership's Guide to Test Driving the Right Way, Puyallup, Washington

After you head to the car dealership and find the vehicle of your dreams, you might consider making a purchase. The next logical step? Take it for a test drive. No matter how fantastic a vehicle might appear, without giving it a go on the road, you won’t know how it operates in real-time, especially if it’s pre-owned. Here’s how to take a test drive properly.

Check the Car

car dealershipCar sales put many drivers under pressure, but you’re not obligated to buy anything. Before you do, it’s essential to see how the driving experience plays out. Check the seats and seat belts to ensure you’re both safe and comfortable. If you’ll be stowing a lot of items or carrying passengers regularly, trunk space and storage compartments are important.

With this in mind, examine the onboard entertainment closely. That way, you’ll know the radio will function on your way to work and the kids can watch the backseat TVs on your next road trip.

Make sure the windows and doors open and close properly, the vehicle is easy to get in and out of, all lights are in top-notch condition, and the seats adjust easily. This ensures both comfort and safely—and if you’re shopping for pre-owned cars, these are traits worth keeping an eye on.

Head Out on the Road

Now it’s time for the actual test drive. After getting comfortable at the car dealership, taking to the streets will give you an understanding of how the vehicle functions. To properly evaluate your ride, you’ll need a rundown of the vehicle’s history. This way, you can concentrate on specific features during the ride.

Was there a past transmission issue, or was the car involved in multiple accidents? If so, evaluate its performance at every turn. Even if the history comes up clean, pay close attention. The drive itself might be brief, but it will tell you a lot.

Test the engine, suspension, steering, transmission, and stop-and-go. In addition to roads, get in some highway time, and test acceleration, brakes, and turns. Whether you’re moving slowly down a side street or cruising down a highway, a smooth, steady ride is key. 


When you’re ready to test drive your dream ride, visit Puyallup, WA’s Pac Ave Auto Sales. Their impressive inventory of pre-owned vehicles offers something for every driver, with all of the makes, models, colors, and features you love. If you’re craving something specific, these car sales experts will do their best to find your perfect fit. Visit the car dealership online to browse their inventory, or call (253) 535-2911 today!

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