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How to Write Creative & Show-Stopping Rap Battle Lyrics May 3, 2018

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How to Write Creative & Show-Stopping Rap Battle Lyrics, Oak Park, Illinois

Rap battles differ from the rap music you hear on the radio. Competitors often need to create hard-hitting lyrics on the spot, and most of their bars need to be targeted at a specific opponent. Your rise to the top relies on your ability to freestyle mic-dropping lyrics. To gain an edge at your next competition, the music battle website BattleMe shares their best tips on writing quality lyrics.

Tips for Rap Battle Writing

Think of Your Opponent

Having an opponent is a distinguishing element of rap battles. No lyric is as powerful as a personal one. Write bars that will hit home, whether it’s a comment on what they’re wearing or some part of their appearance.  

If you can, research your competition before writing. Watch one or two of their previous rap battles and take note of their delivery style. This also clues you in to subjects that other rappers point out during their face-offs with your soon-to-be competition. This gives you a good jumping-off point for researching your own content.  

Head Them Off

rap-battle-warsaw-inIf you are writing about your opponent, chances are they’re doing the same for you. Beat them to the punch and think ahead to what they might comment on in their lyrics. Do you have a distinguishing physical characteristic, such as your weight or abnormal feature? Prepare a few lines that will effectively shut them down and let you take charge again.

Write More Than You Need

Nothing is worse than being caught off-guard with nothing to say. You may use your best material right away, then have nothing for the remaining rounds. Always write a round or two more of lyrics than you need for a single battle. Extra bars are ideal to keep in the back of your mind for responding to the opponent, throwing in an unexpected jab, or preparing for an encore.

For more advice on writing strong rap battle lyrics, talk to the experts at Battle Me. Serving Chicago, this music website brings together freestyle’s most creative minds with an array of different genres. Each music battle is voted on by online members who offer constructive criticism to help you improve and take your lyrics to the next level. To learn more about getting started, call (574) 306-6701.

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